200 x Improvisation Prompts


  1.      We need help
  2.      We’re going to be fired
  3.      We’re through
  4.      We’re not supposed to be here
  5.      We’re going to like this
  6.      We’re not going to make it
  7.      We’re never going to get out of here alive
  8.      Don’t look at me like that
  9.      Don’t get me started
  10.      Don’t try to fool me

All with associated drama games and exercises: All the prompts below can be used in many class, small group, duologue and solo situations to enhance creativity, on the spot actions and  reactions, confidence for all ages in a drama or theatre environment

Group ideas:

1. Larger group: Sit in a circle, teacher can join in. Good for confidence building with varied level of class.

  • One person chooses the number and starts with that prompts delivering the line to their left
  • Next in circle responds to their left.
  • Next in circle responds to their left etc.
  • After 2 or 3 rounds the ‘starter’ bring it to an end

2. Smaller groups of 6 – 9. Choose 3 actors. One, sits on a chair, one lies on the floor, one kneels down. Good for staying in the ‘acting bubble’. If anyone laughs they are replaced with someone else. If all three laugh, they are all replaced!

  • One actor to choose number and deliver the prompt line
  • Other two can respond, but only one speaks at a time
  • Remember, any laughing and they’re replaced
  • Try and keep the subject around the prompt line
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