True Love’s Kiss: Duologue for 10 to 12 Yrs. Girls.


True Love’s Kiss

By Simon Law

Duologue (Short)

Characters:  Snow, Cindy

Snow and Cindy haven’t seen each other for years. They meet up in a wine bar by chance. Snow sipping a cocktail seated at a small table, with another chair opposite.  She is texting on her mobile and slowly sipping her martini, looking at the menu. There is a bowl of fruit in the middle of the table  


True Love’s Kiss:

by Simon Law

Snow: That’s wonderful. So how’s the family?

Cindy: (Awkwardly) Good, but we don’t really see my step-sisters much.

Snow: Yes, I heard. How mean!

Cindy: What about you? How’s your stepmother? .. (laughingly) The ‘Wicked Queen!!’

Snow: (Awkwardly) Well, she tried to kill me.

Cindy: No! But, I always thought she was a bit strange. How did she… I heard it was a poisoned comb!

Snow: No …  poisoned Apple.

Cindy: Apple, really?

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