3 x Acting and Mime Stories for Whole Class Aged 4 – 8


  • The Sleepover:
  • The Birthday Party
  • A Countryside Adventure:

The Sleepover: The teacher can read out the story as the children act and mime out what is happening. The teacher can pause ………………. to give the children time to follow the story. When the word  ‘FREEZE’ is called out the children stop/freeze and show the expression or emotion on their face. You can choose a name for the story. Samantha was so excited! FREEZE! Samantha was having a birthday treat and having a massive sleepover with all her friends. As the doorbell rang she hugged her friends and they all went into the kitchen to sit down for the birthday cake. Samantha was wriggling and had a huge smile on her face! FREEZE!

The Birthday Party: This is a whole class ‘Circle Sketch’ for girls/boys or mixed groups, aged 4 – 8. All children are to mime the story as the Birthday girl/boy. When the teachers shouts out FREEZE they ALL stop and hold that expression on the face. He/She woke up in bed, he/she stretched​ ​up​ ​and​ ​yawned FREEZE! He/she jumped up on the bed bouncing up and down. Oh my goodness “it’s my birthday, it’s my birthday”, thought he/she with an excited​ face FREEZE!

A Countryside Adventure: The teacher can read out the story, put in appropriate pauses to give the children time to act and move.  The ‘freeze’ word has been put in for the children to stop and hold the expression on their face. The end of the story can speed up a little to make it exciting. A girls or boys name can be chosen if preferred. The children can start with laying on the sofa to watch the tv. It was the beginning of the school holidays and you were already feeling a little fed up. You were watching the tv and feeling very lazy and bored. FREEZE!  You stretched up up yawned.  FREEZE!  You decided to go out for the day and began to pack a rucksack full of things you would need.  Biscuits, carton drinks, crisps, an apple, a chocolate bar, a change of clothing, a hat, a map, binoculars and a blanket. You put the rucksack on your back……. it was very heavy. FREEZE!


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