Oliver Twist – Duologue – 10 – 15 Yrs


OLIVER, abandoned in the workhouse, has been given employment with Mr and Mrs Sowerberry, the local undertakers. He has been sleeping amongst the coffins, on the floor of the undertaker’s shop and is suddenly woken by a loud kicking on the Shop door.

NOAH: (From outside) Open the door will you? OLIVER: (Running to undo the chains on the door) I will, directly, sir. NOAH: (Speaking through the keyhole) ‘suppose you’re the new boy, ainʼt you? OLIVER: Yes sir NOAH: How old are you? OLIVER: Ten, sir NOAH: Then I’ll whop you when I get in, you see if I don’t – Work’us brat! OLIVER: (He opens the door and draws back the last bolt with a trembling hand) I beg your pardon, sir, did you knock? NOAH: I kicked.


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