What is Easy Learn



What is ‘EasyLearn’?

All directors, producers and teachers of drama know that before they can really get working with the cast with emotions, stage directions, actions and reactions in a script or play, their performers must know their lines.

‘EasyLearn’ for children:

This is a tried and tested method of learning lines where most lines in an ‘EasyLearn’ script will have a key word relating one line to the next in a longer passage:

Belinda’s Dirty Boots

Based on an Original by Enid Blyton

Adapted for Group of 4 Players

By Simon Law



Kathline: Well, the third formers always have to clean the boots of 

the sixth formers after cross-country, it’s the custom here 

at St Clare’s, .. you know, like an unwritten rule  


Isabel: Well as far as I’m concerned it can stay unwritten, I’m 

not cleaning anyones boots


The lines make sense on their own, but there is an identifiable link between them (in bold). 


All scripts from scriptsandsketches.com with the logo will be in this format with an identifiable link word or words to help learn the lines.


Another example:


Gertrude​ ​McFuzz

Adapted by Simon Law


DOCTOR​ ​DRAKE: Now, now, Gertrude, your tail is exactly what it should be

for your species, don’t copy other birds, you just be yourself and be proud of it!!


GERTRUDE: But my tail!! Lolla Lee Lou’s tail is so much nicer, oh, I 

wish my tail were like hers, please uncle, please help me!

(Sobs again)


DOCTOR​ ​DRAKE: Alright, alright, now don’t go upsetting yourself, I can 

help you, but you must be careful, promise me?


GERTRUDE: I promise, I promise, please tell me what to do.





‘EasyLearn’ for young actors and adults: we have separated up the longer dialogue sections into small bite size easy-to-learn sections, with associated key-words in each section. All scripts are on A4 size Georgia 12, so no eye strain! It’s a small difference but make it so much easier to learn just remembering the ‘key-words’ in each section i.e: House – Government – Ministers

An Ideal Husband

by Oscar Wilde

MRS CHEVELEY: Sir Robert, I will be quite frank with you. I want you to 

withdraw the report that you had intended to lay  before  the House, on the grounds that you have reasons to believe that the Commissioners have been prejudiced or misinformed, or some­thing. 


Then I want you to say a few words to the effect that the Government is going to reconsider the question, and that you have reason to believe that the Canal, if completed, will be of great inter­national value. 


You know the sort of things ministers say in cases of this kind. A few ordinary platitudes will do. In modern life nothing produces such an effect as a good platitude. It makes the whole world kin. Will you do that for me?


So rather than having long sections to learn the longer dialogue sections are split up into relating sections with ‘key words linking each section.


It really works for my students, I hope it works for you and yours as well!


Simon Law

Editor & Owner