4 x Whole Group Drama Scripts for 5 – 9 Year Olds


  • Naughty Amelia Jane: By Enid Blyton – Adapted by Gaynor Law
  • What’s your Excuse? By Gaynor Law
  • A Shock for Lucy Anne: by Enid Blyton – Adapted by Gaynor Law
  • The Selfish Giant: by Oscar Wilde – Adapted by Gaynor Law

Naughty Amelia Jane: Characters: Naughty Amelia Jane (rag doll), Pixie, Tom (Toy Soldier), Teddy bear, Sailor doll, Toy Rabbit. The characters all live in the Nursery. All the toys have good manners because they have all been bought from a toy shop but Amelia Jane was made at home and has not been taught any manners at all. She is such a nuisance and so badly behaved that the toys have to teach her a lesson! All the toys,except Amelia Jane are sat in a circle on the floor having a discussion. Toy Soldier: Hi Pixie, how did you get in here again without your wings?Pixie: I climbed up the apple tree and climbed through the window.

What’s your Excuse? SALLY: I can’t wait, it’s my birthday tomorrow, and all my friends are coming to my party disco. Hurrah! (She sits on the chair bursting with excitement. (One by one all her friends arrive to tell her that they cannot come. She begins to get more upset as the different excuses build up) GIRL 1: Hi, happy birthday! I am really sorry but I cannot come to your party. I have to go to my Grandmas birthday party and all the family are going.

A Shock for Lucy Anne: Characters: Lucy Anne /or (George ) Pixies 1,2 & 3, Boy, Girl. Pixies are sat quietly making daisy chains on the grass. Pixie 1: What a lovely afternoon,  I love making daisy chains. Pixie 2: I hope that annoying girl does not come around us telling us what to do and interfering again. What was her name?  umm!…….. Pixie 3: Lucy Anne. There she is, oh no she is headed this way. (All pixies  say ‘oh no’ and look on in despair)

The Selfish Giant: Characters: The Giant, boys or/and girls, can be adapted) The selfish Giant is lonely and unhappy but he learns to love and enjoy life again by the gift of  children and the sunshine. (Child runs into the garden full of energy!) Child 1 It is such a sunny day and such  I am so glad that the giant is away and we can play here. Child 2: We can roll down the grassy banks and there is fruit on the apple and peach trees to eat. Child 3: And we can hide under the pink blossoms and hear and talk to the happy birds singing. This is such a great place to play. (Child stops still to listen then continue to run and play – The giant strides in)



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