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Scripts and Sketches

All your Drama Resources in one place!!

Solo, Duologue, Group Scripts

Poems and Verse

Drama Exercises for all Ages
  • 100’s of  short 5 – 15 minute Scripts and Sketches for performances and exams.
  • Monologue, Duologues and Groups for ages 7 yrs – 15 yrs
  • Fun short poems and sketches for Class and School assemblies, concerts and performances for ages 5 yrs- 11 yrs
  • Fun original shows and nativities, always with a serious moral behind the story

All your Drama Resources at your Fingertips!

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  • Acting Scripts and Sketches for Grades 1 – 6 solo, duologue and groups, scripts and sketches for young performers from aged 5 yrs – 15 yrs.
  • Verse and Prose ‘choice’ pieces from Entry Level to Grade 5
  • Drama games, warm-up and cool off exercises, to suit all moods of the children
  • Exercises to improve focus, improvisational drama skills, and confidence and general performance in education.

We give you the option to be as creative as you wish but our scripts are protected by copyright

Group Acting