An Ideal Husband – Duologue (4) Mrs Cheveley & Sir Robert Chiltern

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SIR ROBERT CHLITERN, an MP at the House of Commons is holding a dinner party at his Grosvenor Square home. MRS CHEVELEY has been invited by another guest, and takes this opportunity to talk to SIR ROBERT about a business transaction of hers in which he can be of use. In this scene she sets out her devious plan to blackmail him in no uncertain terms.

An Ideal Husband

By Oscar Wilde

Adapted by scriptsandsketches.com


MRS CHEVELEY: Years ago you did a clever, unscrupulous thing; it turned out to be a great success. You owe to it your fortune and position. And now you have got to pay for it. Sooner or 

later we have all to pay for what we do. You have to pay now. Before I leave you tonight, you have got to promise me to suppress your report, and to speak in the House in favour of this scheme. 

SIR ROBERT CHILTERN: What you ask is impossible.

MRS CHEVELEY: You must make it possible. You are going to make it possible. Sir Robert, you know what your English newspapers are like. Suppose that when I leave this house I drive down to some newspaper office, and give them this scandal and the proofs of it!



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