Sitting on top of the World – Duologue – 11 – 15 Yrs

Sold by: Simon Law


Two workmen, BILL and FRED, take a break from constructing a skyscraper and sit eating their packed lunches.


BILL: Hey, Fred. FRED: Yes, Bill’? BILL: Where did you throw that sandwich? FRED: Off the building, Bill. (BILL peers over the ‘edge’ of the building) BILL: You know, with the wind the way it is, it should land about the corner there. (FRED wets a finger and tests the wind) FRED: I reckon you’re right, Bill. BILL: There’s an old lady walking towards that corner. FRED: (Looking over) It’ll miss her by a yard. I didn’t allow enough for the wind. (He returns to his apple) BILL: No, Fred, it’ll hither right on top of the head.

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