The Children’s Hour – Duologue – 11+ Yrs


Usually set in the early 20th century MARY and ROSALIE are passing time together in MARY’s grandma’s house. MARY, an angry student has run away from school and to prevent herself being sent back makes up false accusations about the school’s Headmistress. The school is temporarily closed, and ROSALIE, who’s mother is away, has been sent to be with her so-called friend MARY.

ROSALIE: Well, I’m going right up to your grandmother and tell her I didn’t tell you anything – whatever it is. You’re just trying to get me into trouble and I’m not going to let you. (Starts for door) MARY: Wait a minute. I’ll come with you. I want to tell her about Helen Burton’s bracelet. ROSALIE: (Sits down suddenly) What about it?  MARY: Just that you stole it. ROSALIE: Shut up. I didn’t do any such thing. MARY: Yes you did. ROSALIE: (Tearfully) You made it up. You’re always making things up. MARY: You can’t call me a fibber, Rosalie Wells. That’s a kind of a dare and I won’t take a dare. I guess I’ll go tell Grandma, anyway, then she can call the police and they’ll come for you and you’ll spend the rest of your life in one of those solitary prisons and you’ll get older and older, and when you’re very old and can’t see any more, they’ll let you out and maybe your mother and father will be dead and you won’t have anyplace to go and you’ll beg on the streets –


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