Anaconda – Duologue – 10 – 13 Yrs


CHRIS is a budding super-sleuth. MAX hopes to become an investigative journalist. Mr Holland, a teacher at their school, helps out at an indoor Zoo for exotic creatures. His wife, also a teacher, has not been seen for days. Chris has a hunch about the missing Woman and has persuaded Max to hide in the store cupboard until everyone has left the building. Left and Right are glass tanks containing various exhibits.

CHRIS: If you don’t want to be here, fine. I thought you were the adventurous type. It’s OK, I’ve got the cleaner’s key, I’ll let you out. MAX: Forget it! You’ve dragged me into it now! CHRIS: Keep your voice down! What’s the matter with you? I give you the biggest news story of modern times and you say I’ve dragged you into it? Some people have no  sense of gratitude. MAX: Oh, pardon me! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be grounded for the next twenty-five years or to get bitten by a sly, stinking, slimy, squirming, venomous snake!



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