Macbeth on the Loose – Duologue – 11 – 15 Yrs


Timothy is terribly under confident, but has been given the main role in Macbeth in the upcoming school production! One of his classmates has forged documentation to ‘take his throne’ and get the part for himself! But Gordon, Tim’s best friend, is on to him!!

TIMOTHY: I can’t be a star, Gordon, I’m not star quality.

GORDON: What is this?

TIMOTHY: Edward’s much better than I would be, anyway.

GORDON: You’re not going to let him get away with it.

TIMOTHY: What am I supposed to do? Muck up the whole thing by demanding to be Macbeth again? Then I’ll be rubbish and people will wish Edward was back.

GORDON: You will not be rubbish! Get up!


GORDON: I said get up! (Timothy gets up. Gordon finds a page in his script and hands it to Timothy) Before he kills the King, Macbeth sees a vision of a dagger hovering in front of him. What are you thinking, Macbeth?


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