‘True Love’s Kiss’ – Group Script 3 Players


True Love’s Kiss

By Simon Law

Beauty: Oh my God!!! Snow, Cindy!!! How’ve you been, how long has it  been???? Oh my God!!!!

Snow: Beauty??!! Is that really you??? 

Beauty: It must be 8 years since we’ve seen each other!! Oh my God!!!

Cindy: (Coldly) Ten, .. actually! Since the High School Dance.

Beauty: Yeah .. nice to see you too Cindy, so … what’s been happening??? Tell me all the goss??

Snow: Well, my stepmother tried to poison me with an apple, and Cindy’s step sisters tried to steal her first .. and only .. love! How about you?

True Love’s Kiss

By Simon Law

3 Players


 Snow, Cindy, Beauty

Snow (White) and Cindy (Cinderella) haven’t seen each other for years. They meet up in a wine bar by chance. Snow sipping a cocktail seated at a small table, with another chair opposite.  Snow is texting on her mobile and slowly sipping her martini, looking at the menu. There is a bowl of fruit in the middle of the table. Another old friend also turns up at the same wine bar – (Sleeping) Beauty!  



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