Bogtrotter and the Chocolate Cake: Whole Class Version: from Matilda


Group Script for 4 – 20 Players in Groups

Bruce BOGTROTTER (1 Player), Group 1: Miss Trunchbull (4 Players), Group 2: Children: (9 Players ), Group 3:  NARRATORS (6 Players)

Numbers can of course be adapted to class size

Extract from script:

Group 3 –  Narrators (All): Miss Trunchbull has discovered that someone ate her snack and summons the entire school to the assembly hall.

Group 1 – Miss Trunchbull (All): The entire school will go to the assembly hall now immediately! 

Group 3 –  Narrators (All): The children quietly marched into the assembly hall

Group 2 –Children (All): (Enter stage Right. Whilst walking to their places on benches or the floor Centre Stage Right) What’s Up? Beats me, etc etc.

Group 1 – Miss Trunchbull (All): Sit!


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