Bogtrotter and the Chocolate Cake: Whole Class Version: from Matilda


Group Script for 4 – 20 Players in Groups
Bruce BOGTROTTER (1 Player), Group 1: Miss Trunchbull (4 Players), Group 2: Children: (9 Players ), Group 3:  NARRATORS (6 Players)

Numbers can of course be adapted to class size

Bruce Bogtrotter has scoffed one of Miss Trunchbulls cakes and is forced to eat an entire chocolate cake as a punishment

Group Script Extract:

Group 3 –  Narrators (All): Miss Trunchbull has discovered that someone ate her snack and summons the entire school to the assembly hall.
Group 1 – Miss Trunchbull (All): The entire school will go to the assembly hall now immediately! 
Group 3 –  Narrators (All): The children quietly marched into the assembly hall
Group 2 –Children (All): (Enter stage Right. Whilst walking to their places on benches or the floor Centre Stage Right) What’s Up? Beats me, etc etc.
Group 1 – Miss Trunchbull (All): Sit!
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