Skeleton Key – Duologue – 11 – 15 Yrs


ALEX Rider has been captured, drugged, and taken to a factory to be interrogated by CONRAD, a merciless scar-faced man with a slanting mouth. Alex cannot move, he is lying on a  conveyor belt that feeds into a crusher.

ALEX: I’m on vacation with my mom and dad. Where are they? Why have you brought me here? What happened to the man on the boat? I want to go home! CONRAD: Where is your home?  ALEX: I live in LA. De Flores Street, West Hollywood. CONRAD: No. Your accent is very convincing, but you are not American. You are English. The people you came with were called Tom Turner and Belinda Troy. They were agents of the CIA. They are now dead. ALEX: I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’ve got the wrong guy.


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