The Magic Mirror – Duologue – 8 – 11 Yrs


SNOW-WHITE has fled to the house of the Seven Dwarfs. Her stepmother, the jealous QUEEN, visits her, disguised as an old woman.

SNOW-WHITE: Oh, how sweet! What a lovely necklace! I wish I could see it a little better QUEEN: Why don’t you come out and look at it, my pretty little lady? SNOW-WHITE: I can’t. The dwarfs say I’m not to go outside the house, for fear my wicked stepmother might send someone to carry me off and kill me. QUEEN: Why not let me bring my basket inside then, my dear? That would be safe enough, wouldn’t it? SNOW-WHITE: Yes, yes. (She opens the door) Come in! (Enter the QUEEN disguised as an old woman) There now. I’ll lock the door again. Now no one can creep in to hurt me without my seeing them. Oh! What beautiful things you’ve got. Let me look at that necklace. Isn’t it charming? QUEEN: Let me fasten it round your pretty white throat, my dear! (She puts the necklace on SNOW-WHITE) That suits you down to the ground. (She holds a hand-glass for her) Doesn’t it look nice?


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