5 x Duologue Sketches Suitable for Infants: Aged 4 – 8 Yrs

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  • Hard of Hearing: by Gaynor Law
  • Old Lady Sketch: by Gaynor Law
  • Infant Fruit Sketch: by Gaynor Law
  • Wellington Boot Sketch: by Gaynor Law
  • Miss Muffet and the Spider: by Gaynor Law

Hard of Hearing:

Child 1: Would you like a drink?

Child 2: A Blink?

Old Lady Sketch:

Lady 1: Oh hello, fancy seeing you again after all these years

Lady 2: How did you recognise me with your very old brain.

Infant Fruit Sketch:

Apple: It’s so boring sat in this fruit dish all day.

Orange: I know, I have been here longer than you and I am fed up too.

Wellington Boot Sketch:

RIGHTY:    Brr! It’s so cold and dark out here. Are you cold Lefty?

LEFTY: Yes I am, Righty, it’s been a long time stuck in here, and it’s so boring, I can’t wait to get out and about again. You look very squashed Righty.

Miss Muffet and the Spider:

SPIDER: Oooooooh! there’s Little Miss Muffet! Huh hum! Huh hum! It’s me the spider, I’m here to frighten you away! Little Miss Muffet can you hear me? Hellooo!! Look at my funny face! (silence)