Miss Jealous – Duologue – 14+ Yrs


Zach has been getting lots of attention from a girl in high school, but his girlfriend Anna is not very impressed with his charm!

ZACH: (Chasing after Anna) Anna, would you please stop ANNA: Why? ZACH: Can’t We talk about this? ANNA: Oh, now you want to talk? Good! Because I have a few things to say to you, Mr Don’t Blame Me! ZACH: Look, it wasn’t my fault ANNA: No? ZACH: No ANNA: Oh, please! ZACH: Really! ANNA: You know what? I don’t believe you! So you just go ahead and pretend that there’s nothing going on between you and Miss Let Me Hang All Over You! And you know what? It’s not like you were trying to pry her slimy hands off of you!


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