Creative Writing – Duologue – 10 – 14 Yrs


Rachel is hopeless at Creative Writing and asks for help from her friend Olivia when they’re doing their homework together. After a few fruitless attempts with Olivia, Rachel get’s a bit carried away with her own story!


RACHEL: That’s what Mrs. Hicks said. I’m telling you, Olivia, I’m not a creative person. OLIVIA: Well, you’re in luck because I’m good at creative writing. It’s always been easy for me. OK, let me think … an empty glass … an empty glass … an empty glass …  RACHEL: An empty glass was on the table because I got thirsty. The end. Too short? OLIVIA: But why were you thirsty? RACHEL: Why? OLIVIA: Yes, why? RACHEL: Because it’s a normal part of life. Our bodies require fluids. We get thirsty, we drink. Not much to say about that.

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