Moody Margaret’s Secret Club – Duologue – 8 – 11 Yrs


Moody Margaret is in a tent at the bottom of her garden, and wants to start a new ‘secret club’ She is sat on a mat eating biscuits when Sour Susan creeps up on her.

Margaret: (She hears someone creeping around outside) Haaalt! .. Who goes there? Susan: It’s only me! Margaret: Who’s .. ‘only me’? (Mimicking her voice) Susan: Mee! (approaches the tent to go in) Margaret: (in a moody voice) Stop!! What’s the password?  Susan: Ooh, now what is the password, I don’t know, carrots? Margaret: (Bossily) No it isn’t! Susan: Yes it is!! Margaret: ‘Carrots’ was last weeks password Susan: No it wasn’t! Margaret: Yes it was! It’s my club and I decide!



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