Acting Bundle: 4 x Duologue Acting Scripts for Girls Aged 13+ (2)

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  • Just Good Business: by Simon Law
  • My Last Fireworks: Adapted by Simon Law from an original by Alex Broun
  • Parent Trap: Adapted by Simon Law from the original screenplay
  • The Children’s Hour: by Lillian Hellman

Just Good Business: CANDICE and JADE are opening  a new hair salon with only a little bit of experience!

CANDICE:   Jade?…. what d’y’think of Bronzed Beech and Truffle? JADE:   For what? CANDICE:   As a combination. JADE:   Revolting. CANDICE:   No …well.. perhaps yer right… JADE:   What y’doing Candice? CANDICE:   It’s me design for the competition.

My Last Fireworks: Close to midnight. A bench on a hillside. DAWN, a frail woman in her sixties enters, wearing a white hospital gown. Her feet are bare. She slowly makes her way to the bench. She sits on the bench, panting heavily. (Pause) HELEN, a well-dressed woman in her late thirties enters.

HELEN: Mum? Mum! (She goes to DAWN) What are you doing? Dad’s going out of his mind. DAWN: He’ll be alright. HELEN: The whole hospital’s turned upside down. Everybody’s looking for you.

Parent Trap: Twins ANNIE and HALLIE are strangers until coincidence unites them. The preteen girls’ divorced parents, Nick and Elizabeth, are living on opposite sides of the Atlantic, each with one child. 

HALLIE: What’s your dad like?  I mean, is he the kind of father you can talk to or is he one of those workaholic types that says, “I’ll talk to you later, honey”, but never really does?  I hate that. ANNIE: I don’t have a father, actually.  I mean, I had one, once, I suppose, but my parents divorced years ago. My mother never even mentions him.  It’s like he evaporated into thin air or something. HALLIE: It’s scary the way nobody stays together anymore.

The Children’s Hour: Set in the late 19th century MARY and ROSALIE are passing time together in MARY’s grandma’s house. MARY, an angry student has run away from school and to prevent herself being sent back makes up false accusations about the school’s Headmistress. The school is temporarily closed, and ROSALIE, who’s mother is away, has been sent to be with her so-called friend MARY.