Secret Agents – Duologue – 8 – 11 Yrs

8 sold


Two brothers aged 10 and 12 live in the country in a vicarage with a huge garden and a small forest. They are in their own play world of mystery and secret agents, and need to enrol another agent into their club, who must be tested before he can join.

SAM: We’ve got to be secret agents!

TOM: Secret Agents, WOW, that’s great, when do we start?

SAM: Now! I’ve just had a message telling us what we have to do

TOM: Oh fantastic, who was the message from?

SAM: Well if I told you that, it wouldn’t be secret would it!

TOM: OK, good point, have you met this er… person?

SAM: I just call him .. ‘Number 1’

TOM: Wow, who’s number 2?

SAM: Me, and you’re number 3

TOM: Can’t I be number 2?

SAM: No he said I had to be number 2, and you had to be number 3

TOM: Ok then, is there a number 4?

SAM: No, it’s just us, for now .. and we need to recruit a number 4