The Sword in the Stone – 8 -11 Yrs: Duologue


Based on the Novel ‘The Once and Future King’ by TH White: adapted by Simon Law. 

The Sword in the Stone: is the story of King Arthur and his initial training by MERLYN, the wizard who lives through time backwards allowing him to see the future. MERLYN, knowing the boy’s destiny, teaches Arthur (known as “Wart”) what it means to be a good king by turning him into various kinds of animals: fish, hawk, ant, goose, and badger

MERLYN: Hmmm! Let me think about it. (WART exits) (to himself) Hmm .. this could be harder than I thought!

WART: (WART Returns with the wood – loads it on the fire) OK, now how do we light it?

MERLYN: Leave it me, stand back. (MERLYN points his stick at the fire and says)  ‘IGNIS LITICUS’ – (the fire lights up)

WART: Whoa! That’s a neat trick! Can I have a go?

MERLYN: No you can’t … Arthur.

WART: (Aside) Oh, my! He’s so old he doesn’t even remember my name, this is not a good start!! (Aloud to MERLYN but politely)  Er… it’s not Arthur Mr Merlyn, it’s Wart, they call me Wart.


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