Carbonel – Duologue – 8 – 11 Yrs


CARBONEL is a magic cat. ROSEMARY is a schoolgirl who accidentally buys him. He introduces her to an exciting new world. Rosemary has just bought a rather dilapidated twig broom from an old lady … and is quite upset about her purchase.

CARBONEL: It’s a better bargain than it looks, you know. ROSEMARY: Who Said that? CARBONEL: Me. Of course I can talk. All animals can, but you can only hear me because you’re holding the witch’s broom. (Rosemary drops it hurriedly, then realising that she couldn’t hear the cat without it, picks it up again) And I should treat it with respect. There’s not much life in the poor thing, or she would not have sold it so cheap. Trust her for that. Pity you didn’t hear some of the things I said to her just now.


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