St Clare’s – New Beginnings: Isabel and Patricia are well brought up girls having been to Redroofs boarding school since the age of 8. They are home for the summer holidays. 

4 Players – Ages 10 – 12 Characters: The Twins – Isabel & Patricia, Mother, Daddy. Mother and Daddy are sat down to lunch at home:

Extra scripts: 2/3 Players – Ages 10 – 12: Characters: The Twins – Isabel & Patricia, (Mother). At the dinner table at home

Isabel: .. Yes, and Mary told me that we have to wear evening wear for dinner, how elegant!

Mother: There will be no elegant clothes being worn for dinner at your new school. We’ve been trying to tell you both, your father and I have been talking about it and we’ve decided … that you’re not going to Ringmere

Daddy: … you’re going to .. St Clare’s! (Look of shock on the twins faces)


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