Lady Doubtfire – Monolgue – Female – 13+ Yr Olds

Sold by: Simon Law


Daniel Hullard has been divorced by his wife, and in order to see his children regularly he has been dressing up as Madame Doubtfire after answering an advertisement his former wife put in the local newspaper, hoping to find a child-minder. In this scene, LYDIA, his elder daughter, has come to see him after his disguise was discovered. Her father comes to the door of the flat to let her in.

Lady Doubtfire

By Anne Fine

Adapted for ScriptsandSketches.com

LYDIA: Hi Dad… I’ve come to see you… So (she shrugs) here I am. (She is not happy. She walks into the flat and sits down)No… I don’t want any tea… you and Mum had such a barney, it was horrible. Horrible… you were both very nasty indeed… (Confronting her father) Listen, I don’t want to talk, if you don’t mind. Or listen, either. And I certainly don’t want to talk about that… I’m only here because it’s Tuesday … it’s Tuesday tea-time. Which happens to be your time… (She scowls) It’s just the principle of the thing… OK, so I’m asserting what is my right to see you… (She sounds unhappy)


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