Acting Bundle – 5 x Monologues for Girls Aged 12+

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  • Chocolate Heaven: – by Sharon McCoy
  • Madam Ranevsky from The Cherry Orchard: – by Anton Chekhov
  • Malory Towers – Mam’zelle Dupont: By Enid Blyton
  • Reserved: by David Campton
  • Scream if you Want to go Faster: by Nick Teed

Chocolate Heaven: NICOLE is on a dinner date with Kris, a doctor she recently met in her local hospital. Nicole is very talkative and energetic. One might even describe her as hyperactive. This might have something to do with her chocolate addiction.

Madam Ranevsky from The Cherry Orchard: Please don’t go; I want you. At any rate it’s gayer when you’re here. [A pause] I keep expecting something to happen, as if the house were going to tumble down about our ears. We have been very, very sinful! Oh, the sins that I have committed …

Malory Towers – Mam’zelle Dupont: Malory Towers is a girls’ boarding school. The young French assistante, MAM’ZELLE DUPONT, has arrived to teach the class on a very hot summer afternoon.

Reserved: A shopper with full, heavy bags plods to the restaurant table and flops down at it. She sighs with relief, content to rest, and waits to be served. WAITER / WAITRESS: (Automatically, having said it so often) Reserved, madam, that table is reserved.

Scream if you Want to go Faster: The performance space is split into three scenes. Up centre represents a roadside pavement. Down Right, a desk and chair represent a police station interview room. The empty space down left is inside the station’s holding cell. A car, in which LIZZIE was a passenger, has crashed after a long chase. The driver and a teenage boy have fled the scene. Lizzie is seated on the pavement, detained by police officers. She is unhurt but shocked and afraid.