The Boy who Fell into a Book – Duologue – 10 – 14 Yrs


KEVIN is a keen reader and particularly enjoys the adventures of fictional American detective ROCKFIST SLIM. One night, when his father makes him turn the light off KEVIN somehow slips inside the story of the Rockfist Slim novel he is reading and meets his hero for the first time.

KEVIN: Who are you and what are you doing here? (A cigarette lighter clicks in the darkness. The room fills with light, revealing ROCKFIST in snap brim trilby and trench coat) ROCK: The name’s Rockfist Slim, kid. KEVIN: Rockfist – ? You’re Rockfist – ? You’re Rockfist Slim? Rockfist Slim ? ROCK: (Impatiently) Yeah, Rockfist Slim. Rockfist Slim, OK? Who the hell are you? KEVIN: I’ve told you, I’m Kev – ROCK: Yeah, Kerry Carthorse, OK. But what are you doing-? KEVIN: Carter. Kevin Carter. ROCK: Yeah, OK. So what are you doing here?


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