Order: 5 or 6 Players – 10 – 12 Yrs

1 sold


MUM, DAD and the family are dining out at a ‘sophisticated’ restaurant. DAD would rather have had a burger than fancy food and gets into trouble with his wife when his children start to play up!

DEN: What’s cutlery then? CLARE: Knives and forks! DEN: Oh, I’m impressed! You’re getting better .. Rock-Head!! CLARE: Mum! MUM: That’s enough, Den! Can’t we go anywhere without you two having a scrap? DAD: Behave yourselves, the both of you! BARRY: (Looking at the menu) I want the tomato soup. DAD: There. See, your brother knows how to behave and he’s only five! CLARE: Yeah, but he’s reading the menu upside down! DEN: You noticed Clare! Another major step forward!