Old Fashioned Girl: Duologue – 11 – 15 Yrs


‘Old Fashioned Girl’ is set in America in the 1860’s. POLLY MILTON a young teenager, comes from a quiet life in the country to stay with her wealthy cousins, the Shaws in the big city. She is to discover how very different life is in the city from everything she has known, and how different are the attitudes of city folk. Here, at the beginning of the story POLLY meets her vein and fashionable cousin FANNY for the second time. The girls are about the same age. The scene is set in POLLY’S bedroom.

FANNY: Darling Polly! I’ve been simply dying to meet you. You had no trouble finding Tom at the station? POLLY: No, I recognised him immediately from your description of him.FANNY: You didn’t tell him how I described him, did you? POLLY: Well, yes. Shouldn’t I have done? He didn’t seem very pleased. FANNY: Poor Tom. I expect he’s  consoling himself in the kitchen with milk and cookies. He’s an awful boy, my dear; and if you have anything to do with him, he’ll torment you to death. Boys are all horrid, but he’s the horridest one I ever saw, I suppose that’s your travelling coat and hat? POLLY: No. These are my best things. FANNY: You’re best! Really? POLLY: Is something the matter with them?


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