The Night Before Christmas: 8 – 12 Yrs: (Group Performance)


  • This should be performed as a ‘Whole Group’ performance. The names in brackets () should be replaced with familiar names in the group and staff members, feel free to edit the film quotations as well. The ‘Come Dancing reference can also be updated to current judges on ‘Strictly’

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And Mummy had said “That noise – I heard it again, dear”.

“I’ll close all the windows, in case of the rain … dear! “

We tried to ignore our digestions loud rattle

For three Peperami put up quite a battle

And that’s when we heard them – the sleigh bells a-jingling.

They shouted instructions that set our scalps tingling –

“Come Rudolph, come (Len, come Craig), keep prancing

Come (Bruno and Darcie), come (Brucie),  come dancing?


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