Scream if you want to go Faster: Monologue – 14+ Yrs

Sold by: Simon Law


The performance space is split into three scenes. Up centre represents a roadside pavement. Down Right, a desk and chair represent a police station interview room. The empty space down left is inside the station’s holding cell. A car, in which LIZZIE was a passenger, has crashed after a long chase. The driver and a teenage boy have fled the scene. Lizzie is seated on the pavement, detained by police officers. She is unhurt but shocked and afraid.

Do I think we encouraged them? Listen, we don’t really know them, they’re not boyfriends or anything. They’re just a couple of lads from the same estate. (Pause) Yes he drove fast! I’ve told you already! He was a maniac. Showing off. I kept telling him to Cool it. Lucy was screaming. He put us through hell in that car. (LIZZIE moves Down Centre and addresses the audience) I had to empty my pockets. They took my shoes away and put me in a holding cell. (LIZZIE stands in the cell. A police officer is about to lock her in) What am being locked up for? You’ve no right to keep me here!

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