3 x Fun Duologue Improv. Sketches for Ages 4 – 8 Yrs


All these sketches are improvisations made up and created in the classroom situation, so the children really enjoy the light hearted sense of humour. Try them with different numbers and situations

  • Old Lady Sketch:

  • Did you know?:

  • Hard of hearing:

Old Lady Sketch:

LADY 1: Oh hello, fancy seeing you again after all these years LADY 2: How did you recognise me with your very old brain? LADY 1: I think I remember meeting you at the Olympic Games. You won the gold medal in the weight lifting! LADY 2: Yes, that’s right. I can’t even lift a feather now

Did You Know? 

Light hearted improvisation sketch for 4 – 8 children: Child 1 runs up to another child: Did you know that John (any name) threw a custard pie at the English teacher?

Hard of hearing: 

CHILD 1: Would you like a drink? CHILD 2: A blink?


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