2 x Duologues Scripts for 7 – 9 Year Olds – Boys and girls


A Shock for Lucy Anne/George:

by Enid Blyton adapted by Gaynor Law

Ages 5 – 8 year

Small group sketch

The character can be played by a girl or a boy

Characters: Lucy Anne /or (George ) Pixies 1,2 & 3, Boy, Girl

Pixies are sat quietly making daisy chains on the grass

The Selfish Giant:

by Oscar Wilde adapted by Gaynor Law

A group sketch for boys and girls aged 6 – 9 yrs

By Oscar Wilde

Adapted by Gaynor Law

Characters: The Giant, boys or/and girls, can be adapted)

The selfish Giant is lonely and unhappy but he learns to love and enjoy life again by the gift of  children and the sunshine.

(Child runs into the garden full of energy!)

A Shock for Lucy Anne/George:

Pixie/s: What a lovely afternoon,  I love making daisy chains. I hope that annoying girl does not come around me/us telling us what to do and interfering again. What was her name? I think it is…………………….. Lucy Anne. There she is, oh no she is headed this way. Lucy Anne: Oh, are you threading daisies? That’s wrong,  you shouldn’t do them like that. You need to do them like this! I will show you How. (Lucy Anne snatches the daisies away from the pixie)

The Selfish Giant:

Children: Come on let’s play in the Giant’s garden, it is such a sunny day and such fun!  I am so glad that the giant is away and we can play here. We can roll down the grassy banks! There is fruit on the apple and peach trees. Look there is pink blossom under the trees. Can you hear the happy birds singing? (Children stop still to listen then continue to run and play – the giant strides in) Giant: What are you doing here? This is my garden, my very own garden, I will not allow anyone to play in it, only me, do you understand? Look at the sign, what does it say  ‘Trespasses will be prosecuted!’ Now off you go!(Giant storms off)


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