Sheer Genius, Lorna Doone, The Wizard of Oz. 3 x Monologues

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3 x Monologues for 9 – 11 Year olds

SHEER GENIUS: By Mark Twain – Adapted For ScriptsandSketches.com

TOM is a young boy who is being brought up by his strict Aunt Polly. In this scene , he is not pleased that he has been told to whitewash the fence on a Saturday morning.

LORNA DOONE: By RD Blackmore – Adapted for ScriptsandSketches.com

The story takes place in the late 17th century. John Ridd, a young farmer’s boy, has been exploring on Exmoor and finds himself on land owned by a powerful outlaw family, the Doones. He slips and knocks himself out, falling down a slope. In this scene, he is found by LORNA DOONE, the young granddaughter of the head of the
family. She rubs John’s forehead tenderly with a dock-leaf and handkerchief, as he wakes up.

The Wizard Of OZ: By L Frank Baum – Adapted for Scriptsandsketches.com

DOROTHY and her little dog Toto live on a farm in Kansas with her Auntie Em and Uncle Henry. The nasty Miss Gulch, who dislikes Toto, is her worst enemy. One day, a terriblecyclone strikes, whirling the house, Dorothy and Toto away to the Land of Oz.


Sheer Genius:

TOM: (Grumbling to himself) It’s just not fair. It’s a lovely morning. Just the day to go fishing! Look at that fence! Thirty yards and nine foot high! I’ll never finish it. (He picks up the long-handled brush, splashes it into the bucket, then puts it back again) (Sitting down on the ground) I shall be the laughing stock of the town. I must try and find a way out of it. (He empties out his pockets) I haven’t even got enough things to trade!

Lorna Doone:

LORNA: Oh, I am so glad. You are alive, Now you will try to be better, won’t you? What is your name? How did you come here? What are these wet things in this great bag? (Looking inside) Why, they are only fish. (Looking down at his feet) But how your feet are bleeding!

The Wizard of Oz:

DOROTHY: Auntie Em! Auntie Em! Oh dear Toto – the cyclone is coming closer. What shall we do? We haven’t time to get down to the storm shelter. Ouch! That hurt! (Debris begins to fly around her) There goes the window! There’s swirling dust everywhere! The house is spinning up through dust. Look Toto! Watch out! We’re not on the ground any more, Toto!

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