An Ideal Husband – Duologue (5) Sir Robert Chiltern & Lady Chiltern


SIR ROBERT CHLITERN, an MP at the House of Commons is holding a dinner party at his Grosvenor Square home. MRS CHEVELEY was invited by another guest, and takes this opportunity to talk to SIR ROBERT about a business transaction of hers in which he can be of use. She then proceeds to blackmail him in no uncertain terms. In this scene SIR ROBERT is attempting to get his wife’s approval and understanding to protect himself against the blackmail. They are preparing for bed.


An Ideal Husband

By Oscar Wilde

Adapted by scriptsandsketches.com


SIR ROBERT CHILTERN: How beautiful you look tonight, Gertrude!

LADY CHILTERN: Robert, it is not true, is it? You are not going to lend your support to this Argentine speculation? You couldn’t!

SIR ROBERT CHILTERN: (Starting). Who told you I intended to do so?

LADY CHILTERN: That woman who has just gone out, Mrs Cheveley, as she calls herself now. She seemed to taunt me with  it. Robert, I know this woman. You don’t. We were at school together. She was untruthful, dishonest, an evil influence on everyone whose trust or friendship she could win. I hated her, I despised  her.  She stole things, she was a thief. She was sent away for being a thief. Why do you let her influence you? 

SIR ROBERT CHILTERN:. Gertrude, what you tell me may be true, but it happened many years ago. It is best forgotten! Mrs Cheveley may have changed since then. No one should be entirely judged by their past.

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