A Matchmaker Caught off Guard: Duologue by Jane Austen


Duologue by Jane Austen

Characters: EMMA and HARRIET

EMMA Woodhouse is proud of her skill as a matchmaker. But a single success, as she considers, in that direction, leads her into  a series of subsequent errors. She takes in hand the romantic interests of her friend HARRIET. First, she mismatches Harriet with Mr Elton, but Mr Elton shows that he doesn’t care for her; then she encourages what she thinks is Harriet’s  interest in Mr Churchill, but Mr Churchill is also uninterested. Finally, and ironically, Harriet herself drops a bombshell which wakens Emma,  for the first time, to the true object of her own inclinations.

Extract from script:

HARRIET: It seems like a madness! I can see nothing at all extraordinary in Mr Elton now. I do not care whether I meet him or not, indeed I would go any distance round to avoid him. I am now going to destroy what I should have destroyed long ago. Cannot you guess what this box holds?
EMMA: Not the least in the world. Did Mr Elton ever give you anything?
HARRIET: I cannot call them gifts, but they are things I have valued very much. (She places her box on the table, opens it and holds up what she removes)
EMMA: A small piece of – court plaster?


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