Acting Bundle: 5 x Duologue Scripts for Boys Aged 9 -13

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  • Anaconda: by Nick Teed
  • Sammy Carducci’s Guide to Women: by Ronald Kidd
  • Secret Agents: by Simon Law
  • Sitting on Top of the World: by Allan Mackay
  • Skeleton Key: by Anthony Horowitz

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Anaconda: CHRIS is a budding super-sleuth. MAX hopes to become an investigative journalist. Mr Holland, a teacher at their school, helps out at an indoor Zoo for exotic creatures. His wife, also a teacher, has not been seen for days. Chris has a hunch about the missing Woman and has persuaded Max to hide in the store cupboard until everyone has left the building. Left and Right are glass tanks containing various exhibits. Running from Down Left to Down Right is a long tank containing the Anaconda. Chris enters from Upstage, walking very very slowly, With Max following behind.

Sammy Carducci’s Guide to Women: Sammy is explaining to Gus how he thinks they can make themselves irresistible to women. The boys are both 12!

Secret Agents: Two brothers aged 10 and 12 live in the country in a vicarage with a huge garden and a small forest. They are in their own play world of mystery and secret agents, and need to enrol another agent into their club, who must be tested before he can join.

Sitting on Top of the World: Two workmen, BILL and FRED, take a break from constructing a skyscraper and sit eating their packed lunches.

Skeleton Key: ALEX Rider has been captured, drugged, and taken to a factory to be interrogated by CONRAD, a merciless scar-faced man with a slanting mouth. Alex cannot move, he is lying on a  conveyor belt that feeds into a crusher.