Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations: 3 or 4 Players 8 – 11 Yrs


Ernie’s concerned parents take him to see a doctor about his ‘illucinations’, but are they really all in his mind?

DOCTOR: (Calming her down) Perhaps it would be better if you told me a little more about it. When did you first notice …? MUM: (Calmer now) Ah, well, now then … he’d have been … well, it’d have been about … near enough … er DOCTOR: Go on (Ernie steps forward. During his speech Mum remains seated. The Doctor moves to the side of the stage, produces a notebook and makes notes on what follows starting upstage right) ERNIE: It started with these daydreams. (Pacing downstage from left to right) You know, the sort everyone gets. Where you suddenly score a hat trick in the last five minutes of the Cup Final, or you bowl the West Indies out for ten runs – or saving your granny from a blazing helicopter, all that sort of rubbish. It was one wet Saturday afternoon and me and my mum and dad were having one of those exciting afternoon rave-ups we usually have in our house. (During this passage the Doctor exits upstage left covered by Ernies’ pacing) (Ernie sits back at the table in the Doctor’s chair and starts to read a book. Mum has started knitting. There is a long silence)


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