3 x Monologues for Boys Aged 11+


The Jungle Book

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Danny the Champion of the World

(Also available separately)


Extract from Scripts:

Jungle Book:

MOWGLI: (Standing upright, a pot of fire in his hands, facing the Council) Listen to me. There’s no need for this dog’s jabber. You have told me so often tonight that I am a man – and, indeed I would have been a wolf with you to the end of my life – that I feel your words are true. So, I do not call you my brothers anymore, but DOGS as a man would! What you will do or not do is not yours to say.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

THE WHITE WITCH: Come on, faster! Maugrim will soon bring us news. Four thrones at Cair Parivel. Mmm, but if only three were occupied the prophecy would not be fulfilled. He may not stay for long, and then we could attack the three at the castle. Much better to kill him now! I would have liked to have done it at the Stone Table itself. That is the proper place. That is where it has always been done before.  (Maugrim enters at speed and informs the White Witch that Peter has killed his best lieutenant.) 

Danny the Champion of the World

DANNY: Dad, can I ask you something? I’ve just had a bit of an idea. You know that bottle of sleeping pills Doc Spencer gave you when you came back from hospital? Is there any reason why those wouldn’t work on a pheasant?

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