The Railway Children, Acting Class, A Midsummer Nights Dream – 3 x Duologues

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3 x Duologues for 10+ Year Olds

The Railway Children: By E Nesbit – Adapted for ScriptsandSketches.com

PETER and his sisters BOBBIE and Phyllis have moved with their mother to a house near the railway while their father is away. Many of their adventures have to do with new friends and situations involving the trains. In this scene, the children see a landslide onto the tracks, when a train is expected on the line in the next half hour. They have only a few minutes to try to prevent a disaster.

Acting Class: By Clifford Jury – Adapted For ScristsandSketches.com

CRYSTAL is taking acting classes. Her TEACHER is faced with the considerable challenge of
keeping Crystal focused, and helping her to find inspiration.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: by William Shakespeare – Adapted for Scriptsandsketches.com

From Act 3 Scene 1. Oberon, King of the Fairies, has cast a spell on the Fairy Queen, TITANIA, as she sleeps. This spell will make her fall in love with the first creatureshe sees. Meanwhile. Puck, Oberon’s mischievous servant, comes across a group of ‘mechanicals’ rehearsing a play. He transforms the head of one of the actors, BOTTOM the Weaver, into that of an ass. His fellow actors run terrified from the scene leaving the bemused Bottom, unaware of his transformation, singing to himself. This wakens the sleeping Titania who falls instantly and passionately in love with the ass-headed man.

The Railway Children:

PETER: Hush! Stop! What’s that sound?
BOBBIE: It’s a sort of rustling… whispering … Look! The tree over there!
PETER: It’s moving!
BOBBIE: So are the others. It’s like the woods in Macbeth.
PETER: They’re falling down the cutting on to the line!
BOBBIE: Look what a great mound it’s made!

Acting Class:

TEACHER: Now then Crystal, you say you’ve done this piece before, so let’s have a big, big performance shall we, sweetheart? Lots of life, lots of energy – fill the room with your glorious voice. That’s it darling, stand tall and proud, and…
CRYSTAL: (Very mechanically) 0 – for – a – fuse – of – wire – that – would – send – the – highest – heaven – of – intention. I’m going to a party tonight.

TEACHER: Are you, darling? That’s lovely. Now then. The words are so nearly, nearly there. Muse of fire. Can you remember what a muse is?

CRYSTAL: Is it a camel?

A Midsummer Nights Dream:

BOTTOM: Why do they run away? This is a knavery of them to make me afeard. What do you see? You see an ass-head of your own, do you? I see their knavery; this is to make an ass of me; to fright me, if they could. But I will not stir from this place, do what they can: I will walk up and down here, and I will sing, that they shall hear I am not afraid. The ousel-cock, so black of hue, With orange-tawny bill,The throstle with his note so true, The wren with little quill.

TITANIA: (Awakening) What angel wakes me from my flowery bed?

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