Gizmo – Duologue for Boy/Girl aged 10+

Sold by: Simon Law


BEN has been paralysed with fear after witnessing a fatal shooting. Though physically unhurt, he is unable to move. Fortunately a technological breakthrough by “Gizmo” has helped him. A device, rather like a wristwatch, is fixed to his arm and through it he exactly copies the movements of the person wearing the transmitter. In this scene he has fallen into the hands of a gangster and has been left alone with the gangster’s moll, CEVRIL.


By Alan Ayckbourn
Adapted for ScriptsandSketches.com

CEVRIL: What happened to you, then? Been in a fight?
BEN: It’s – rather a long story.
CEVRIL: (Shrugging.) I’ve got nothing else to do.
BEN: I witnessed a fight. Or rather witnessed a killing. Two killings.
CEVRIL: (Not over-impressed. ) I see.
BEN: I – I was left paralysed.
CEVRIL: What? A bullet, was it?

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