10 x Complete Year 4 Lesson Plan: Term 1


  • Designed to stretch the imagination and creativity of 9 – 11 Year Olds
  • Ideal for working towards a school performance or LAMDA/NEA exam Grade 1 Verse and Prose
  • Can also be used for working toward a performance in the class
  • Includes ALL resources for each lesson

Drama Academy

Year 4 DRAMA

Lesson Plan 1

Term 1


           Drama Year 4


Lesson:    Week 1                                          60 mins
Work previously covered:
  • Drama club games and activities.
  • Entry Level Verse and prose exam
Learning Objective(s):
  • To work with others in a pair and a team
  • To speak out loud and clearly
  • To show a range of expression on the face


Warm up

10 mins

  • Register; To speak out loud and clearly
  • Circle warm up ‘ Good morning, good day’  see Appendix 1

Main part of the lesson:

35 mins

  • Discuss expression, feelings, emotions.
  • Partner expression activity in pairs: see Appendix 2
  • Expression/mime story ‘The Birthday Party’  Appendix 3
  • Read 2 short poems/meaning/expression see Appendix 4 (each child to choose one to take home to learn for following week)


Warm down

10 mins

  • Fun team game to finish/break into groups of 4 or 5   ‘Transport Shapes’ appendix 5


Appendix 1:

‘Good morning’ Game

  • All children are to sat in a circle.

The rules are:

  • ‘Good morning’ is passed to the right
  • ‘Good night’ is passed to the left.
  • ‘Good day ’ can be said to anyone in the circle and  the two children involved must change places.

One child says to the child on the right ‘Good morning Susan’

Susan says to the child on the right ‘Good morning John’

  • ‘Good morning’ continues moving to the right.
  • At any time a child may turn back to the child on the left and say ‘Good night Mary’

Mary could then say ‘Good dayGemma’’ (to anyone in the else in the circle who could be sitting anywhere)  Mary and Gemma then have to change places. Gemma then carries on with ‘Good morning…. etc

When the whole group is confident, the task can be extended with another child starting with a ‘Good morning …’

Appendix 2:

Expressive Conversations

4 – 9 Year Olds

  • Put on some fun dancing music
  • Children dance and when the music stops they silently find a partner.
  • The teacher shouts out one the the expressive words (examples below) to use and the partners will have a conversation about their ‘mood’ using the correct expressive voice

Scared, Bored, Shy, Grumpy, Polite, Excited etc.

  • All stop when the teacher shouts “FREEZE”, then the music begins again.

Appendix 3:

The​ ​Birthday​ ​Party

This is a whole class ‘Circle Sketch’ for girls/boys or mixed groups, Key Stage 1.

All children are to mime the story as the Birthday girl/boy.

When the teachers shouts out “FREEZE” they ALL stop

and hold that expression on the face.

He/She woke up in bed, he/she stretched​ ​up​ ​and​ ​yawned (“FREEZE”)

He/she jumped up on the bed bouncing up and down. Oh my goodness “it’s my birthday, it’s my birthday”, thought he/she with an excited​ face (“FREEZE”)

He/she raced down the stairs for breakfast. No pancakes today said mum as you are going for a pizza for lunch with your friends. Oh! he/she thought and looked very disappointed! (“FREEZE”)

He/she spent the morning fidgeting and wandering around the house, it was actually quite boring​ ​with​ ​nothing​ ​to​ ​do (“FREEZE”)

At last Mum shouted that it was time to get ready and he/she ran upstairs to get changed.

GIRL: She pulled out a very pretty (princess) dress to put on with matching shoes and lace tights. Shen looked in the mirror to brush her hair and clip on a very pretty bow. 1 BOY: He pulled on his Darth Vader suit and picked up his Lightsaber ready to to take over the universe.

He/she looked in the mirror (“FREEZE”)

The girl/boy ran down stairs, ran outside and got into the car with mum and dad. He/she was shaking with excitement (“FREEZE”)

The journey was slow and the girl/boy began to feel very tired in the back seat of the car. (“FREEZE”)

In fact it was so long and boring the boy/girl fell asleep (“FREEZE”)

Mum was calling, we are here at last. The boy/girl woke up and jumped out of the car. He/she ran up to the Pizza Hut door and opened it. She/he looked expectantly into the restaurant (“FREEZE”)

And realised that nobody was there, how disappointing! (“FREEZE”)

Just then all her/his friends jumped out from behind a table. What a surprise! (“FREEZE”)

The little boy/girl ran to the table and hugged his/her friends. (“FREEZE”)

They all sat down and began to chatter! They ordered their drinks, (pause) and their pizza with many toppings (pause)

The table was full of presents and the little boy/girl opened the first one. Oooh so exciting! (“FREEZE”)

He/she pulled off the paper and inside was a smelly lump of cheese. What​ ​a​ ​shock! (“FREEZE”)

He/she turned to his/her friend to thank him/her and put on a very​ ​brave​ ​face (“FREEZE”)

Next present, this must be better! He/she ripped the paper off and starred​ ​with shock! (“FREEZE”)

It was a boring pebble! He/she turned and thanked her friend with a​ ​brave​ ​smile. (“FREEZE”)

The food and drink arrived and they all tucked into their food. It​ ​was​ ​delicious. (“FREEZE”)

Time for the cake! He/she was so happy when everyone sang happy birthday. (“FREEZE”)

The music turned up loud and they all got up to dance Girl – she swirled and turned and danced with her friends , it was such fun (“FREEZE”)

Boy – he sat on his chair and refused to dance, he pointed and laughed at the girls (“FREEZE”)

Time to go home said mum. He/she felt very​ ​upset​ that it was all coming to an end. (“FREEZE”)

He/she felt very​ ​tired (“FREEZE”)

He/she gave a cuddle/handshake to all their friends as the parents collected them to go home. In fact he/she felt quite moody​ when it all finished. (“FREEZE”)

Come on said mum, into the car, time to go home. He/she got into the car in a​ ​bad mood​ and put on the seat belt (“FREEZE”)

He/she fell​ ​asleep​ ​immediately (“FREEZE”)

He/she dreamed of friends/ice creams with m & m’s, presents and lots of fuzzy things, he/she smiled​ ​in​ ​their​ ​dream. (“FREEZE”)


Appendix 4:

The Computer’s Swallowed Grandma

by Valerie Waite

The computer’s swallowed grandma Yes, honestly it’s true,

She pressed ‘control’ and ‘enter’ and disappeared from view.

Its devoured her completely, the thought just makes me squirm,

Maybe she’s caught a virus or been eaten by a worm.

I’ve searched through the recycle bin and files of every kind,

I’ve even used the internet but nothing did I find.

In desperation I asked Jeeves my searches to refine,

The reply from him was negative, not a thing was found ‘online’.

So, if inside your ‘In Box’ My Grandma you should see,

Please ‘Scan’, ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’ her In an email back to me.

The​ ​Witch’s​ ​Brew

by Wes Magee

Into my pot there now must go

The leg of a toad and a green frog’s toe,

Old men’s socks and dirty jeans,

A rotten egg and cold baked beans.

Hubble bubble at the double

Cooking pot stir up some trouble.

One dead fly and a wild wasp’s sting,

The eye of a sheep and the heart of a King.

A stolen jewel and mouldy salt,

And for good flavour a jar of malt.

Hubble bubble at the double

Cooking pot stir up some trouble.

Wing of bird and head of mouse,

Screams and howls from a haunted house.

And don’t forget the pint of blood,

Or the Sardine tin and the clod of mud.

Hubble bubble at the double

Cooking pot stir up some TROUBLE

Appendix 5:

Transport Shapes

  • Working together, calm music can be played in the background
  • Break into teams of 3 or 4 depending on the group size
  • Give each group the task to form the shape of an item of transport, i.e. train, rowing boat, bicycle, aeroplane, car etc.
  • Give the teams 3 – 4 minutes to form the shape
  • Points should be awarded for willingness to work together and creativity
  • To extend the game make the transport move as a team


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