An Ideal Husband Duologue (3) Mrs Cheveley & Sir Robert Chiltern

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SIR ROBERT CHLITERN, an MP at the House of Commons is holding a dinner party at his Grosvenor Square home. MRS CHEVELEY has been invited by another guest, and takes this opportunity to talk to SIR ROBERT about a business transaction of hers in which he can be of use. In this scene she is setting him up to blackmail him.  They are seated on the sofa.

An Ideal Husband

By Oscar Wilde

Adapted by scriptsandsketches.com


MRS CHEVELEY:   (In her most nonchalant manner). My dear Sir Robert, you are a man of the world, and you have your price, I suppose. Everybody has nowadays. The drawback is that most people are so dreadfully expensive. I know I am. I hope you will be more reasonable in your terms.

SIR ROBERT CHILTERN:  (Rises indignantly). If you will allow me, I will call your carriage for you. You have lived so long abroad, Mrs Cheveley, that you seem to be unable to realise that you are talking to an English gentleman.

MRS CHEVELEY: (Detains him by touching his arm with her fan, and keeping it there while she is talking). I realise that I am talking to a man who laid the foundation of his fortune by selling to a Stock Exchange speculator, a Cabinet secret.

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