10 x Complete Year 3 Lesson Plan: Term 1


  • Designed to stretch the imagination and creativity of 8 – 9 Year Olds
  • Ideal for working towards a school performance or LAMDA/NEA exam Entry Level 3 Verse and Prose
  • Can also be used for working toward a performance in the class
  • Includes ALL resources for each lesson

Drama Academy

Year 3 DRAMA

Lesson Plan 1

Term 1


DRAMA – Year 3



Week 1                                                1 hour

Work previously covered:

Learning Objective(s):

  • To gain confidence in a new group setting
  • To speak out in a confident and loud voice
  • Choose a simple poem of their choice Appendix 1:


Warm up

10 mins

  • Register: Replying in a loud voice – ‘Good morning Mr/Miss/Mrs….’
  • Expectations of class and plan for term chat. Having fun, learning some poems to perform in front of everyone!! Practice our ‘articulation’ Appendix 2: (explain and demonstrate) working on our ‘voice projection’

Main part of the lesson:

35 mins

  • What did you do over the summer – 2 minutes to think about .. The most scary, exciting, dangerous, adventurous, fun, most laugh, they have to start with “The most ‘Scary’/’exciting’ etc. thing I did in the summer holidays was …..
  • Different sorts of ‘getting to know you’ circle games – ‘Pass the clap’ Clap passed around the circle 2 claps reverses the order. ‘Circle story’ … ‘and then’: Telling a story around the circle each child adding an extra line
  • Give out and run through: practice 1 for next week – take home choice of initial poems – see Appendix 1:

Plenary: Warm down 10 mins

Warm down game: ‘Fishes in the Sea’  appendix 3:


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