4 x Monologues for boys and/or girls aged 10+


ERNIE has been taken to see the doctor by his Mum and Dad because he has been having strange ‘illucinations’. The doctor is seated at the side of the stage and produces a notebook. He is making notes on what follows.
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 
Monologue:  By C.S. Lewis Adapted for ScriptsandSketches.com 
Characters: The White Witch 
The land of Narnia is under the spell of the wicked WHITE WITCH. Four children from London (Peter, Edmund, Lucy and Susan) find a gateway into Narnia, and they are soon caught up in a deadly struggle between good and evil, according to the mysterious laws of the land. Aslan, the lion, represents good in Narnia and he is all that stands in the way of The White Witch’s plan to plunge Narnia into an eternal winter.
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 
Monologue:  By C.S. Lewis Adapted for ScriptsandSketches.com 
Characters: Mr Tumnus
LUCY finds a secret entrance through a wardrobe in her uncle’s house into the magical World of Narnia, a place which is always winter and never Christmas. Here she meets a faun, MR TUMNUS, who invites her to his home for tea.
The Wind in the Willows
By Kenneth Grahame:  Adapted for ScriptsandSketches.com 
BADGER, Mole and Rat are Mr Toad’s best friends. They have been trying to keep him out of trouble for a long time, but he is constantly in trouble with motor-cars, caravans and other crazy escapades. Here, Badger outlines his plans to ‘convert’ Toad. 

Extract from Scripts:

Ernies’ Incredible Illucinations

ERNIE: (To the doctor) It started with these daydreams. You know, the sort everybody gets. Where you suddenly score a hat trick in the last  five minutes of the Cup Final, or you bowl out the West Indies for ten runs – or saving your granny from a blazing helicopter, all that sort of rubbish. It was one wet Saturday afternoon and me and my mum and dad were all sitting about in the happy home having one of those exciting afternoon rave-ups we usually have in our house. (He picks up a book and pretends  to read) It was all go. Mum thought Dad would be at the match. He didn’t often miss a game but they were playing away. He told mum he was not going to Birmingham. Even for United.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – White Witch

THE WHITE WITCH: Come on, faster! Maugrim will soon bring us news. Four thrones at Cair Parivel. Mmm, but if only three were occupied the prophecy would not be fulfilled. He may not stay for long, and then we could attack the three at the castle. Much better to kill him now! I would have liked to have done it at the Stone Table itself. That is the proper place. That is where it has always been done before.  (Maugrim enters at speed and informs the White Witch that Peter has killed his best lieutenant.)

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – Mr Tumnus

MR TUMNUS: (Mr Tumnus returns) Now, Daughter of Eve! I wasn’t sure what you’d like, so I’ve done everything. Nice brown eggs, lightly boiled. Sardines on toast. Buttered toast. Toast with honey. And we’ll finish with sugar-topped cake. I hope that’ll do.  (Watching Lucy tuck in! .. then realising and sobbing) Oh — oh — oh! I don’t suppose there’s ever been a worse Faun since the beginning of the world. My old father, now, (points to the portrait over the mantelpiece) he would never have done a thing like this. I’m in the pay of the White Witch. 

Wind in the Willows

BADGER: We must be up and doing, before it is too late. You two animals will accompany me instantly to Toad Hall, and the work of rescue shall be accomplished. We’ll save the poor unhappy animal! We’ll rescue him! We’ll convert him! He’ll be the most converted Toad that ever was before we’ve done with him! 

Yes indeed, the hour has come! Gentlemen – follow me! Onwards!



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