‘The Ultimate Sacrifice’ – The Planet will Survive! The Human Race may not!


Covid-19 has been such a scourge on humanity throughout the world with over 5,000,000 having succumbed to it. Let’s hope they haven’t passed in vain. Was it always going to be this way, an ‘Event’ – a ‘wake-up call’ delivered to us from the planet which we are privileged to be allowed to inhabit.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

A True Story in Verse

Dedicated to the children of today, who are our future

By Simon Law


Global warming, ‘it’s just a blip’, we said, as we carried on our toil

Hacking down the rainforests because, ‘we need more Palm Oil’

‘No-one cares about the Orangutans with their long gangly arms’

The problem was, they didn’t realise, the extent of the harm


The ice caps were melting, the sea levels rose, 

The sky was polluted, and still big business chose ..

To carry on their voyage towards profits and with greed …

chose to ignore, the millions of hungry mouths to feed

verses 3 – 13 available to downlaod


So what happened next? my precious child, you ask with curious awe

Did we really go back, to the way we were before?

Well, look around and tell me. Tell me, was it worth the price?

The price so many thousands paid .. The Ultimate Sacrifice



And now we have a choice, of the road that we can take

Let’s hope that it’s the right one, for all our futures sake

So here’s our plea as children, “don’t let the signs be misread”

Please .. listen to us, and our planet, and “change the way ahead


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