Matildas’ First Day: Year 2/3: Whole Class up to 20 Players

Sold by: Simon Law



Adapted from the Original Screenplay

For scriptsandsketches.com By Simon Law

Group Script for up to 20 Children

Matilda’s First day at School


Matilda, Amanda Thripp, Miss Trunchbull, Children,

Narrators (say lines then become ‘children’)

Noisy children (all) in groups of 2 or 3 playing in the playground, skipping, playing games, sitting on the ground etc. Gradually calming down eventually miming games/playing. 


Extract from script

Narrator: Matilda had always wanted to go to school. She tried to imagine what her new school would be like. 

Narrator: She pictured a lovely building, surrounded by trees and flowers. There was a building. And children! 

Narrator: Regardless of how the school looked, she was happy to be there. After all, any school is better than no school at all.  Isn’t it? (Ring school bell) (All children freeze and march into places in an arch)

Child: (Steps forward, pointing at Matilda) Oh look there’s a new girl!! What’s your name.

Matilda: (Steps forward) Hallo, my name’s Matilda (Points at Miss Trunchbull) Is that my teacher? (Walks into centre stage)

Child: (Steps forward) No, that’s the principal.


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