A Spy in the School: Group Script – 3 Players


By Simon Law

Group Script for 3 Players aged 11 – 13

A Headteacher sits in the school office and receives a phone-call from an FBI AGENT asking about a pupil. Is the caller really from the FBI? Is the headteacher involved, or is she innocent, have they got the right school, is the student really undertaking terrorist activities, or is it all a big misunderstanding?

Characters: MR/MRS GARCIA – Headteacher, AGENT COOPER, NICOLA/NICHOLAS/GUZMAN – 15 year old Student. Options for male and female roles

The scene is set in the Heads Office

Extract from Script:

AGENT COOPER: (On the phone) Yes .. Mr/Mrs Garcia, my name is Agent Anthony/Antonia Cooper, FBI. I have something rather delicate to discuss with you in person, but first, can you tell me, do you have a student aged 15 at your school going by the name of Nicola/Nicolas Guzman? 

MR/MRS GARCIA: Well, yes I do he/she is just about to join our 6th form, one of our brightest students, very interested in politics.

AGENT COOPER: Yes, that’s what I thought. May I please make an appointment to see you this afternoon? It’s very urgent.

MR/MRS GARCIA: I’m afraid I’m busy this afternoon, could we make it later in the week perhaps?

AGENT COOPER: Mr/Mrs Garcia, as I said it’s very urgent.

MR/MRS GARCIA: Yes, but I’m busy with some parents this afternoon sorry Agent Cooper!

AGENT COOPER: I’m sorry, maybe you didn’t hear where I’m from: I’m from the anti-terrorist department of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and I need to talk to you as a matter of urgency about your student Nicola/Nicolas Guzman. I’m afraid you’ll have to re-arrange your other meeting this afternoon, I’ll be with you in an hour.



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