Once Bitten Twice Shy: Group Script – adapted for 3 or 4 Players


By Gervase Phinn
(Adapted by Simon Law)

Group – 4 Players

Characters; Megan, Barbara, Miss Fiona, Mrs Warburton

Megan and Barbara live in Barungo North Africa in a nurses residence. They are both young girls around 22 years old on a gap year after studying medicine at University. They and their friends who’ve come over, work in an International Hospital, Megan comes in after a night out, Barbara is lying very still on the bed with a sheet over her. Miss Fiona is about 50 years old and has been at Barungo hospital as the head nurse for years, and is very experienced. Mrs Warburton is now retired but was head of the hospital.

Once Bitten Twice Shy

Group Script

adapted for 3 or 4 Players

BARBARA: (whispering) Megan!
MEGAN: (Loud) Yes? Oh, we had such a good time, you should have come with us, hahahah!!
MEGAN: (Calling out) Coffee or tea?
BARBARA: Over here!
(Megan comes out of the kitchen)
MEGAN: I’ve made you tea, (gives Barbara a mug of tea) I know you don’t sleep with too much coffee, now then,
what is it that’s so important?
BARBARA: Shut up!
MEGAN: What on earth’s the matter!
BARBARA: After you shot off into town I climbed into bed and opened my book. Then I felt a sort of tickling on my neck, and out of the corner of my eye I saw it … a scorpion (worried) moving down the pillow in little jerks it was … with its tail glistening and sharp. (Whispering) I just lay there, still, watching it glide without a sound onto my chest.
MEGAN: Ooooh, Barbara! Then what happened?
BARBARA: Then, I saw it creep under the sheet … I felt it curl up on my tummy. You see that little lump there – well that’s it. He’s been there all the time!!!!
MEGAN: (Panicking) We’ll fix it in no time. Now for God’s sake don’t move. I’m just popping next door to get Miss Fiona.
BARBARA: (Desperate) What for?
MEGAN: Well, she’s been in Africa for years. She’s sure to know how to deal with it.
BARBARA: All right, but don’t be long.


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